Mr & Mrs OK

Design for the web, apps and print too

We’re John and Rachel Oxton-King, a husband and wife design team working from the picturesque Warwickshire town of Shipston-on-Stour.

Here’s a taster of the work we do:

Why, didn't you know? There's more to Axel Scheffler than just the Gruffalo

What can we really say about this project other than it was immense fun! The real challenge was making our work vanish, leaving Axel's upfront and centre. Working in close collaboration with Axel's assistant (and master of archives), Liz, we set about designing ‘as little website as possible’ leaving fans, of all ages, free to take a wander through this treasure trove of art.

A page about The Gruffalo on Axel Scheffler's site
The homepage of Axel Scheffler's site

Making history with the British Museum’s in-house web team

In collaboration with the web team at the British Museum, we designed their first website made specifically to work on smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers. Funded by the Department of Education, Teaching History with 100 Objects collects objects from museums around the country to help teach and inspire students.

A page showing object detail for Teaching History in 100 Objects
A page showing object overview for Teaching History in 100 Objects

Opening access to academic research with Professor Katharine Cockin and SimplictyWeb

Professor Katharine Cockin, the creator of the Ellen Terry and Edith Craig Archive Database, wanted to extend the appeal of this first-rate academic resource to a broader audience, whilst simultaneously maintaining its academic rigour. Collaborating with Katharine, and with Julian from SimplicityWeb taking excellent care of the back-end development, we designed three distinct entry points into exploring the information.

One homepage of the Ellen Terry and Edith Craig Archive
Searching for Theatrical Ancestors entry point

Celebrating how a charity inspires young readers with The Children's Bookshow

The Children's Bookshow needed to be able to easily update their own site and convey a better sense of their lively performances and workshops. Working closely with the Bookshow team, we designed and built a site that works with them throughout their seasonal programming and provides a clearer journey for teachers and supporters to interact with this worthwhile charity.

The Childrens Bookshow Artists page
The Childrens Bookshow homepage

Hands-on enterprise design strategy for the pharmaceutical industry with DrugDev

Providing strategic level UX, we worked with senior management and developers to create enterprise products. We were also tasked with looking into, and suggesting the structure for a UX team that would be sustainable across multiple sites and time zones, and that would communicate efficiently with product managers and developers, with no single point of failure.

As CTO of DrugDev I got to know and rely on John as a wise head and passionate advisor. In that time he led the UX design vision and execution as we formed a suite of technically-complex products. His UI designs and UX concepts consistently thrilled our clients and helped set us apart from rivals in an otherwise old-fashioned industry. John was core to DrugDev forging and maintaining a reputation for innovation, with intuitive, beautiful software products.

Graeme Benson, CTO at DrugDev (via LinkedIn)

Desktop view of Hands-on enterprise design strategy for the pharmaceutical industry with DrugDev
Mobile view of Hands-on enterprise design strategy for the pharmaceutical industry with DrugDev

Product provenance and supply chain risk with the team making String3

We've had a relationship with Historic Futures, the company behind String3, for over ten years and when they embarked on a radical rethink of their ambitious supply chain traceability software, they called us in to take care of the user experience, branding and front-end development. Collaborating with the close-knit team at HF, and working within an agile, behaviour driven development process, we strove for usable simplicity out of a complex problem.

The String3 styleguide
A String3 marketing page

Would you like to work with us?

We're available to collaborate on projects large and small. We work alongside development teams for large projects and produce small brochure sites in-house.

Whatever your project, whether it's just a vague idea or a long established business, get in touch and we'll work with you to make it happen!